I'm a highly adaptable designer with a passion for crafting intuitive and impactful products

I use code, design and collaboration to produce the highest quality work that delivers business value and makes my team proud



  • UIUXHTMLCSSJavascript
  • RemoteHybrid
  • Santa Cruz, CA
  • USA AustraliaSweden


Designing and building intuitive and accessible interfaces for complex use cases such as medical diagnostics.


Designing, preparing and conducting qualitative and quantitative research to inform decision making.


Deploying performant and accessible code to production environments through Git workflows.

Design Systems

Creating, maintaining and educating on design systems for small and large teams.


Defining and running inclusive hiring processes. Onboarding, mentoring and coaching others.


Planning and leading sprints. Introducing new team processes and company policies.


I've taken new products to market, led product teams, built and educated on design systems, spearheaded accessibility initiatives and delivered solutions quickly by being pragmatic and applying lean and agile methodologies


Recently, my partner and I relocated to Santa Cruz, California, and I am eagerly seeking a fulfilling position where I can make a meaningful impact

With experience spanning multiple disciplines, industries, and organizations, I'm confident in my ability to excel in any role as long as the product is both captivating and meaningful.

While I possess expertise in senior IC design roles, I am also eager to venture into UX Engineering, where I can challenge myself and utilize my entire range of technical abilities.

Feel free to reach out for a chat!

This is a high-level overview of my areas of responsibilities. Please reach out for a more in-depth walk through of specific challenges and solutions.


See-Mode is a relatively young Series-A funded startup with 25 employees that has developed the world's first AI software for analysis and reporting of vascular ultrasound. The product has distribution across USA, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.


As Head of Design I was tasked with establishing the right design, product and team foundations to set up the company for success as well as executing and delivering on product and design initiatives.



Nurturing a now-next-later mindset to help the company with focus.


Evolving the product for use in clinical settings within hospitals.


Taking on the additional role of Product Manager for eight months.


Hiring our first Head of Product and second Product Designer.


Mentoring and organising activities for growth and engagement.

Design System

Delivering a new visual language and react component library.


The main user of the See-Mode product is a sonographer. They specialise in ultrasound and produce reports and diagnostic images across a range of examinations by operating ultrasound machines. Their reports are used by doctors to inform the diagnosis and best patient care.

This is where See-Mode fits in: with automated reports for time saving, consistency and AI-enhanced diagnostics for the best possible patient outcomes.


I led the product team through evolving the product from an early proof of concept to a production-ready system for use within clinics around the world.

  • Performed generative research to uncover new opportunities
  • Validated ideas and clinical requirements with clinicians
  • Created a design system to help with consistency and efficiency of our product and our work
After building out our new design system


For eight months, during the search of our first-ever Head of Product, I took on the product manager role in addition to my other responsibilities. I identified our most impactful opportunities and handled things like:

  • Quarterly and weekly planning and prioritisation
  • Writing product and design briefs
  • Leading team sprints
  • Onboarding new customers


I was the hiring manager for the roles of Head of Product and Senior Product Designer, managed a Senior Product Designer and mentored a Junior Engineer. As part of hiring I also designed new hiring processes, take-home challenges and onboarding documents.

I also introduced new processes for the team to have more autonomy and feel empowered to take initiative and identify opporunities to improve the product. I organised field trips, provided resources to assist with understanding our clinincal work, shared insights, goals and work-in-progress, and helped establish company-wide policies for a more inclusive and remote-friendly workplace.

  • Established new hiring processes
  • Facilitated collaborative product and design kick-offs
  • Mentored and coached engineers and designers
  • Introduced and helped define company-wide policies regarding visas, work-from-home allowances and reimbursements for work-related purchases


When I joined See-Mode we didn't have a dedicated Senior Front-End Engineer. So I took on this role and made key decisions around the direction of our new platform.

  • Built a static version of the platform in React as the foundation for our re-platforming
  • Invited guest speakers for talks and Q&A on re-platforming and front-end architecture
  • Facilitated technical integration discussions with hospitals
  • Performed code reviews


I delivered on a few lean experiments to see if we could improve acquisition through different product and brand messaging. I also wrote the script for and helped direct a short promotional video to be used as marketing collateral.